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Popeye Issue 922

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The first feature of 2024 is the annual “Style Sample”! 
Take a look at the various snaps taken around the world, read them, and find lots of ideas and tips for what to wear this year.

This time, 25 areas and 383 styles are listed. This book is divided into seven chapters and presented in an illustrated book-like format.

1. City

First, let's talk about the daily style of living in the city. Focusing on the city, a franchise for city boys, we covered free fashion in eight cities around the world.

2. Countryside

"If you have nature nearby, what should you wear?" Some people choose to leave the city and live in the countryside, while others commute to the beach or mountains. The camera captured people on a small island in the Baltic Sea and in the highlands of midwest England.

3. Athletic Feelings

"What should I do about sportswear?'' Sports have become more and more familiar these days, and the line between clothes for playing and everyday wear is becoming more and more blurred. Here we have picked up 7 events.

4. Traditional Crafts

How to wear clothes that embody "tradition and craftsmanship." Snap photos of locals from India and Nigeria!

5. TPO

"What kind of clothes suit the time, place, and occasion?" Here, city boys from New York, Paris, and London will be showing off their fashion styles according to six themes.

6. Deep looking

In order to have good style, you also need to ``take time to observe and think about'' the way you like the way you dress. Let's take a closer look at the practices of our seniors.

7. Photographer's Eye

In this chapter, I entrusted the snapshots not only to the viewpoint of the editorial department but also to the ``eyes of the photographer.'' "People with Style" photographed by Matteo Verzini in Paris, Colin Sussingham in LA, and Chad Moore in New York.