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Popeye Issue 921

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The year-end special feature on girlfriends is here again this year. This special feature, now in its 10th edition, focuses on dating courses in Tokyo. Crossing Setagaya Ward, visiting galleries in East Tokyo, walking around Tokyo Tower, which surprisingly many people have never been to, and riding on a helicopter or tuk-tuk! A special feature on delicious sweets. Mio Imada appears on the cover! Well, I'll be busy with dates this winter too!

Let's go on a special date this winter.

This is what Popeye thought the best date would look like. I want to spend time like them.

Winter date guide in Tokyo.

I'm busy with dates this year too!

Surprisingly, I must have never visited there. Why not go on a date at a tourist attraction?

Tokyo Tower and Ryogoku Kokugikan. Even though I live in Tokyo, I don't often go there, so I wanted to take this opportunity to go on a date that included the surrounding area.

Sunday morning

Mio Imada appears. This is a fashion story of Ms. Imada, who says she likes going on dates without making any plans.

Thinkin'bout gifts for her.What  should I do about the present for her?

Read this by yourself. I hope you find a good present!


During the New Year holidays, I want to eat sweets. We will introduce you to many patisseries and cafes that are perfect for dates.