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Popeye Issue 920

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Popeye 920 is all about short trips, think great packing tips and potential game changers of what you bring.

My rules for short trips. First, we took a look at the belongings of our seniors who are used to traveling. Do you prefer travel or functionality?

Packing list for short trips.
It's surprisingly good to bring a cashmere sweater,
Introducing 14 lists about both dressing and packing.

Style document at Tokyo Station, the gateway to your journey.
At Tokyo Station, where the number of foreign travelers has increased,
Find travel style samples.

Where should we go on an autumn trip?
  1. Mountain walking and Matsumoto City.
  2. Take the tram around Okayama city.
  3. A vehicle trip from Hirosaki to Hakodate.
  4. Hopping around the Izu Islands.