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Popeye Issue 918

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'Tis the season for fall fashion, and Popeye's latest issue is included with their ‘Long Shopping List 101.’ Get cosy and go leaf peeping with their guide for both global and local brands. Expect fluffy jumpers, slick weather-resistant jackets, and moody golden-hour editorials.

Ever a student of the street, this issue also includes an illustrated observation of New Yorker's carrying things — the authentic City Person experience. 

Popeye magazine is the “Magazine for City Boys”. The founders printed this on the cover of the magazine when it debuted in 1976. What’s a “city boy”? The term doesn’t appear in the dictionary and no expert panel could define it. So we felt we should explore every aspect of what this “city boy” might be. After decades of debate, it still makes for a topic of lively discussion. It can be a style or a way of thinking. To get an idea of what makes a city boy, read Popeye magazine.