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Picnic Magazine Issue 2

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Picnic Magazine issue 2: ‘Mothers & Their Mothers Too’ - Available in two limited edition covers now!


Hive2Honey: Pearly Queen Honey and Dr Sting's Hot Honey take us through the magic of bees and honey.

Mothers & Their Mothers Too: Documenting the heritage, culture and tradition that is passed down by mothers to their children through the cooking - as told by Arjun Rhakit and Peggy DiGioia. 

The Blue Role: bandages, makeshift bandanas, wine-stoppers and grease trap unblockers - a short history of Blue Roll featuring Sager + Wilde, Dara Klein, Papo's Bagels, Blue Roll, and Ben Lippett - by Georgia Spanos

Manteca restaurant take us on a tour of their London restaurant and 70 person crew. 

KEEN take us on a guide through their favourite coffee shops featuring and curated by Oliver Hooson