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Nice Outfit Issue 1

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The publication houses fashion criticism, experimental fiction and pieces on body politics.

Original writing is provided by Dal Chodha on new notions of ephemerality looking at the decay of fashion in archives and museological institutions. Imani Robinson maps coordinates for journeys across black abolitionist geographies. Ethan Price and Chloée Maugile were invited to write experimental fiction pieces. Scarlett Baker explores emotional economies and how far emotive words on garments actually go in aiding us. Elizabeth Wilson, author of the seminal text ‘Adorned in Dreams’, discusses the fashion system at large. Alexia Marmara weaves a tableau of garments created by asylum and hospital patients, situating these creations as a vector for a preferred world. Eilidh Duffy looks at the history of C.P. Company as a springboard to explore clothing and violence. Lastly, a feature on Mathilde Rougier’s open source clothing which models a future way of making and collaborating.