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Signs - Lee Scratch Perry

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Lee 'Scratch' Perry is widely known as a musical icon of his native country Jamaica. An innovative and visionary producer, Perry contributed hugely to the expansion of the Jamaican musical art scene throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Over the decades, Perry developed a practice of visual creation that runs parallel to his musical work and that shares with it the combined interest of reaching harmonies and upsetting sensibilities. Drawings, paintings, and texts are assembled on the walls of his studio, or on vinyl covers, later becoming autonomous and independent pieces. These often humorous paintings and sculptures are often juxtaposed with autobiographical compositions, in a network that is continuously rearranged, creating new meanings with each recomposition. The artist's work intersects different genres by interweaving written words, images, mirrors, photographs, and appropriated objects, among other elements that are often also cut, burned, or painted on.