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Haarkon Cornwall Adventures

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The lovely folk over at Haarkon describe this much better than us so..

The latest addition to the Haarkon Adventures series.

In this edition we cover our journey around Cornwall in the South West of England, visiting Beaches, Headlands, Towns and Gardens.

Cornwall is somewhere we have been visiting for decades and have got to know much better in the last 7 years. It has an ever-changing coastline, towns with buckets of personality and so, so many beaches. We started 2020 with no idea how it would pan out but with an urge to get to know the UK a bit better and enjoy what is essentially on our doorstep. When we entered lockdown in March, we travelled through the images on our hard drives and by reading the books on our shelves instead of physically in person and found ourselves thinking more and more about the places we turn to when we need to breathe, escape, switch off and reset. For us, Cornwall is one of those places.